We're starting to accept and provide "MessageCare for Salesforce", a mail application for Salesforce1 to strengthen connection with clients from October 9th.


NTTPC Communications Inc. (hereinafter called NTTPC, CEO: Takao Maezawa, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) has been working for the realization of the direct browse and each operation of diverse daily exchanges with clients in Sales activities or customer support services from customer management service (Salesforce) provided by Salesforce. So we will first start to accept and provide "MessageCare for Salesforce (hereinafter called MessageCare) " which is an extended application to cooperate between mails and Salesforce from October 9th.


In the current corporate activity, there are high demands for marketing strategies listening to customers and reinforcement of connections with clients by a sensitive and understanding sales response or customer support. However, the actual situation is that most of information created from a client contact are not unified or are not shared enough. With such circumstances, NTTPC takes mails as "a part of client information resources" which is one of the important communication methods for companies and we developed this service to make possible a total management for information.

Service outline

"MessageCare" is an application to read mails from a client management service and to control by connecting with the client information with an easy operation. This service utilizes a technique and know-how that has been provided by NTTPC for many years. This makes possible a seamless cooperation between a client management service provided by Salesforce.com Inc. and a mail information kept by each sales representive.

  • We want to eliminate miscommunication with the clients by unifying information with each of them, studying strategies, listening to clients and communicating or sharing each representive's correspondence situation.
  • We want to respond to clients instantly with a relevant department cooperating with the sales representative and the customer support representive.
  • We want to perform a timely information confirmation and a customer facing.

This service is recommended for companies with the demands above. Also it can be operated by Salesforce's mobile application, enhancing work efficiency.

Service features

  • You can read mails by each registered customer and unify information by saving them as responded records so that you can check the activity situation.
  • It cooperates with in-company SNS (=Chatter) making information sharing of in/out- company seamless.
  • A customer facing operation by mails can be done by Salesforce itself no matter PC or mobile.

Effect by installation

Before installation

Price list

Initial cost Monthly cost
¥50.000 (tax discluded) / application ¥900 (tax discluded) / ID
  • You need a contract with Salesforce and a mail account which you are using for this service.
  • Provision is from 10 ID and a minimum period to use is one year. In case of cancelling within the contract period, a fee for the rest of period will be charged.
  • lease see our service site for other details.

*We are providing 30 days free trial.

Booth in an event and a future development plan

We will set up a booth for this service in a next event.



  • Host:
    Salesforce.com Inc.
  • Date:
    October 13 (Mon) - 16 (Thurs.), 2014
  • Location:
    Moscone center in San Francisco
  • URL:

Salesforce1World Tour Tokyo

  • Host:
    Salesforce.com Inc.
  • Date:
    December, 2014 (Scheduled)
  • Location:
    Tokyo (Scheduled)

Future development plan and business development

Development plan

We are developing a service cooperating with "box", a secured file sharing cloud service for companies provided by Box Inc. It's scheduled to be released in the year of 2014.

Developing a business

We will make a full installation and support from licence provision to implementation of Salesforce's various services.

Endorsement by Salesforce.com Inc.

Salesforce.com is proud to announce MessageCare service. We assure that it will be able to give higher accuracy by collecting more clients' information and studying a higher quality response or strategy listening to customers. This enables the realization of Customer Company which strongly connects customers.
Executive operating officer, Alliance business department, Salesfor.com Inc.: Minoru Hoshina

*Salesforce and the others are the trademarks of Salesforce.com and used under permission.

About the inquiries

For customers

NTT PC Communications
Contact for MessageCare for Salesforce
URL: https://www.nttpc.co.jp/english/service/m4s/

For the press

NTT PC Communications
Public relations team, Marketer, Business development department, Sales and marketing division: Nagasato, Hayashi
TEL: 050-3388-1664
E-Mail: pr@nttpc.co.jp
URL: https://www.nttpc.co.jp/english/

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