History of NTT PC Communications

September Founded through investment by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and Logic Systems International Inc. (later changed to Logic Corporation)
November “NTTPC Network”, personal computer telecommunications network service, commercially launched
Cisco multiprotocol routers sales started
January “InfoSphere”, Internet service, launched
Products of Cascade Communications (now Alcatel-Lucent) and Ascend Communications (now Alcatel-Lucent) sales started
Products of Fore Systems (now Ericsson) and Xylan (now Alcatel-Lucent) sales started
April Domestic network for the Microsoft Network (MSN) launched
July “NNCS”, IP-VPN service, launched
March “WebARENA”, web server housing service, launched
July NTT reorganized with NTT Communications Corporation and Logic Corporation as shareholders
“WebARENA Symphony”, web server housing service, launched
“WebARENA Suite”, shared type hosting service, launched
March “WebARENA Solo”, dedicated server hosting service, launched
April “Nadukete Net”, domain name registration service, launched
June “CUNets”, IP-VPN service, launched
July “Mail BOSS”, ASP type email delivery service, launched
Fixed IP address registration service for mobile devices in “InfoSphere”, launched
August "InfoSphere" converted to a focus on business and commercial customers by transferring individual customers to NTT Communications Corporation's OCN
November NTT Communications Corporation became the sole stockholder
July “DB BOSS”, ASP type database service, launched
“WebARENA Suite2”, shared hosting service, launched
October “Mail Luck!”, email hosting service, launched
March “Secure Internet VPN”, IP-VPN service, launched
“ToPPCrew'S”, billing solutions service, launched
July “Broadband Ether”, Wide Area Ethernet service, launched
May “WebARENA SuitePRO”, VPS service, launched
September Kachidoki Data Center established
March “Master'sONE”, integrated VPN solutions service, launched
September “IP-Members”, VPN service specified for the medical industry, launched
November “Security BOSS”, integrated security management service, launched
November “IP-WARP”, overlay network service, launched
January “WebARENA SuiteX”, shared type hosting service, launched
July “Master'sONE Secure Remote Access”, mobile service, launched
September “WebARENA SuitePRO V2”, VPS service, launched
October “Master'sONE Secure Mobile Flat-rate Plan”, mobile service, launched
February Head office relocated to its current location in Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku
Monzen-nakacho Data Center established
At the third annual “ASP, SaaS, and ICT Outsourcing Awards 2009”, the WebARENA “KACHIDOKI Data Center ” received the “Value Creation” award in the Internet Data Center (IDC) Division
February At the fourth annual “ASP, SaaS, and ICT Outsourcing Awards 2010”, the WebARENA “Monzen-nakacho Data Center” received the Grand Prix Award in the IDC Division
“Master'sONE Wireless Ether”, wireless telecommunications service, launched
May “WebARENA SuitePRO V3”, VPS service, launched
May “Secure-Camera Cloud Service”, cloud computing network camera service, launched
“Biz-agora”, packaged cloud computing service, launched
October “Mobile Internet for Biz”, ISP service for business and commercial customers, launched
April “WebARENA Mail-hosting Service”, exclusive use type hosting servise for business mail , launched
“Biz-agora select series”, packaged business cloud computing service, launched
“InfoSphere Mobile light plan for "FLET's"”, Internet access service, launched
March “WebARENA VPS Cloud”, Virtual private server service, launched
February "Master'sONE Wireless LAN service",launched
April "Master'sONE Broad-band Ethernet High-grade", Wide area Ethernet service, launched
May "Field Work Manager", SaaS for exclusive work-styles,launched
July "Cloud platform for M2M",launched
October West Japan Regional Office, reorganized Kansai Branch
"InfoSphere Direct Connection", Internet access service, launched
November recieve a prize of CISCO Technology 2nd contest
January "Master'sONE Inter-cloud Network", Multi-cloud access service, launched
recieve a prize of "Save The Kanazawa" on application contest @ Kanazawa
April The principles of our company "NTTPC Credo", established
May "Platform of Business Support as a Service" cloud & outsourcing service , launched
January "Master'sONE CloudWAN" network service utilizing SD-WAN technology , launched
February "Master'sONE Mobile M2M" mobile service,revamped for IoT / M2M market
May "Master'sONE CloudWAN plan N" network services in the Cloud First era , launched
August "Mimamorigajumaru" wearable IoT service, launched
October Tokai Branch established
November "IoT application field grand prix" and "ASPIC president's award" Received at "11th ASPIC IoT • Cloud Award 2017"
June “Master'sONE CloudWAN Secure package”, SD-WAN service, launched
November "Best Innovation Award" and "New Business Model Award" Received at "12th ASPIC IoT • Cloud Award 2018"
July "Mimamori Gajumaru" is registered with NETIS (New Technology Information System for Public Works, etc.) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
October "WebARENA Indigo", Virtual private server service, launched
September "Hana-Spot", Online negotiation system servic , launched
October Added Windows plan to "WebARENA Indigo"
February "Secure Access Gateway", zero-trust service, launched
March "Telework Station", Web server used to build remote work, launched
December "WebARENA IndigoPro", cloud server service, launched
January Became part of the Docomo Group as a result of a partial reorganization of NTT
Multi-carrier SIM service for IoT, launched
April "WebARENA Rakuraku B2B", a BtoB order and supply cloud service for small and medium-sized businesses, launched
June "Mimamorigajumaru-Office Plus" wearable IoT service, launched
August "WebARENA IndigoGPU", VPS service, launched
October "VDI Cloud for Digital Twin" Virtual Desktop Service for 3D Models service, launched
November "16th ASPIC IoT・AI・Cloud Award 2022",「Mimamorigajumaru-Office Plus」received the Workplace Reform Award in the Social Industry-specific ASP/SaaS Division
July "Chip-type SIM" that can be embedded in IoT devices , launched
August "Edge management service",closed source SaaS, launched
October "Health Management Support Services (Kenkou-Keiei-Shien-service)",Assessing Stress Conditions and Revitalizing the Workplace, launched
November 「VDI Cloud for Digital Twin」won the "Advanced Technology Award" in the IaaS / PaaS category at the 17th ASPIC Cloud Awards 2023.