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Reading mails, various operations from Salesforce

You can read mails and make various operations from Salesforce screen which you daily use.

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Relates Salesforce with a mail

Because you can see all the information registered in Salesforce and the mail exchanges with relevant clients, you can prevent a miss and understand more detailed clients' information. Furthermore, you can share an accurate information for customer facing for multiple people or representive's takeover by saving a correspondence record.?

Relates Salesforce with a mail
  • Not only you can show all mails but also you can show the connection of a client's information and a case information. (it automatically abstracts into a key and indicates a trading representive's mail address who is related to a client information or a case information.)
  • After reading mails, you can connect with a client information and save by 2 clicks from the mail action button.

Setting for details in an own screen

You can make various settings for filter conditions of mail in a dedicated application. By registering mail addresses or keywords related to clients' information in Salesforce, you can instantly see only necessary mail for your business.

Setting for details in an own screen

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